I Am Good Project is a collection of thoughts and actionable ideas about individual goodness, personal and professional development, and leadership.  

There’s no reason why each of us wouldn’t live our best life and why we wouldn’t build teams that achieve their greatest potential. 

Here, I share tips that can help us do that and more. 

I started this “Project” because I believe each of us deserves to live our life to the fullest. I also know that getting there is easier said than done. My own journey from self-rejection to accepting my goodness was a long and difficult one. Ultimately, however, I have found a way to design and lead a life that is both authentic and meaningful. This transformation has made me a better partner, friend, leader, and a happier and more thoughtful human being.

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Living a fulfilling life and thriving in the world that keeps pointing our flaws is incredibly tough — but it is possible and you don’t have to do it alone.



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